In the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries, fishing industry and fish processing were highly developed (there were seven factories in Komiža before World War II). The town of Vis and inland villages were more focused on growing grapes. In 1910, almost one third of the island was covered with vineyards, which supplied the market of the whole Habsburg navy. Its fishermen governed the Adriatic with their boats and traded in fish with the neighbouring coast. Komiža has always been proud of its history of fishing, now showed by the Fishing Museum located in an old Venetian tower on the waterfront. It features traditional fishing tools. The harbour of Komiža provides boatmen with a mooring which protects them from north and east winds. During recent years, agritourism has been developing as well.   

Over two thousand years, wine lovers have appreciated the wine from Vis and there is hardly anyone today who has not tasted Vugava and Plavac Mali grape varieties.

Komiža is famous for its fishing tradition, which was carried over by emigrants from Komiža to North America as well. Before World War II, the town had seven fish processing factories, which later merged into the Neptun factory. Along the whole east shore of the Bay of Komiža, there are many pebble beaches (Gusarica, Nova Pošta, Velo Žalo and others), but there are several sand beaches, too. Fertile soil in the hinterland makes it possible for people from Komiža to grow grapes and fruits, particularly carob which is, in addition to Vis wines, a famous island treat. Owing to its distance from the mainland, the sea surrounding Vis is rich in fish, shellfish and molluscs. 

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