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Like Dalmatian cuisine, Vis’s cuisine too is characterised by light dishes (prepared mostly in water or on the grill) with plenty of fish, olive oil, vegetables and wild herbs that can be found along the coast. This is the reason why this cuisine is considered to be very healthy. Authentic Vis wines, such as Vugava, high-quality Plavac and quality white wines, are famous, too. We cannot but mention here olive oil and salty olives which have been valued since the ancient time which can be seen in the present names of varieties. The specialties of the Vis cuisine are still grilled sardines, just like in times of the ancient Greeks, a sardine pie, the so-called Vis pastry which is similar to pizza.

It is hard not to notice on a richly laid Vis table fresh sea fish (common dentex, sea bass, gilthead, grouper, mackerel, and sardine) prepared on the grill, cooked or marinated. Furthermore, there are molluscs (squid, cuttlefish and octopus), crabs (scampi, lobsters) and seashells (mussel, oyster and Noah’s ark) cooked in fish soup or as a risotto. Other well-known dishes are the famous pašta fažol (pasta and beans) in brodetto sauce prepared according to the original recipe, kale, authentic noble brodetto from grouper, conger eel and lobster, the gastronomic queen of the Vis and Dalmatian cuisine. The most famous Stončica specialties are grilled goat meat roasted with vegetables and sardines on wood sticks. Guests may choose which lobster they wish for their meal since live lobsters swim in a pool.

For dessert, you may have Dalmatian rožata, a type of Croatian cake. However, those guests who are interested in authentic Vis cakes may choose a dessert specially prepared according to a recipe only by Vis nonas or grandmas. Cviti are crisp cookies unusual because of one of their main preparatory ingredients which is powdered ammonium, which ensures their freshness for up to two months. Unlike cviti which have to be baked for weddings, hjib is a type of cake from Vis prepared for guests at Christmas time. It is prepared from local dry figs mixed with grape brandy and fennel. In case it is kept in a cardboard box among bay and rosemary leaves, it may last longer than one year. It is served thinly sliced with herb brandy.

The most famous brandies from Vis are carob brandy and brandies made of wild May roses, sage, fennel, and especially grape brandy.

Guests often ask for recipes for the preparation of Vis dishes and we will gladly meet their expectations with a couple of recipes.

A Dalmatian speciality
Octopus Salad (appetizer)

For 10:
2.5 kg octopus
0.25 kg onion
0.05 kg garlic
0.1 l wine vinegar
0.15 l olive oil
0.05 kg salt
0.05 kg pepper
1 parsley sprig
0.2 kg lemon

Cook octopus until the meat softens. Remove its thin skin membrane and cut it into small pieces. Pour olive oil and wine vinegar over it, sprinkle with pepper and sliced parsley, onion and garlic. Allow to rest for at least one hour. Serve as a salad.

DINNER FOR FIVE Pašticada `a la Jadranka
Take 1 kg of beef leg, nicely shaped as a roll. In the evening, press into it a couple of garlic cloves, several cloves, a bit of sliced bacon and carrot chopped along its length. Leave it over night in diluted vinegar.
Roughly slice two bigger red onions, a bit of carrot, several garlic cloves and parsley. Put everything along with the well strained meat over fat or oil, so that the meat is finely roasted from all sides.
Afterwards, add some tomato concentrate, a bit of prosecco, a couple of deseeded dried plums and sweetened sour cherries. Pour water and add salt, pepper, nutmeg, and let it cook for 2.5 to 3 hours.
Slice cooked food into thin pieces and mix the vegetables in which you cooked with a stick mixer. Place the meat into this and let it boil for a little while.
Serve with potato gnocchi or spaghetti.
This dish goes well with Dalmatian dry white wines.

Komiža pastry prepared from salty fish
Knead the bread dough and, while you leave it to rest, make a tomato salsa. Cut 2-3 big red onions and put them on a lot of olive oil so that they obtain a glassy colour. Add sliced skinless tomatoes, spice up with pepper and salt, and let it cook until all the water evaporates from the tomatoes.
When the dough doubles in size, divide it into 2 pieces. Roll out well one piece and put it into a greased tin. Spread cooled salsa over it and put a couple of salty sardines or anchovies cut into small pieces on it.
Cover everything with another rolled out dough. Press the edges together and slightly prod the surface.
Let it rest for half an hour and then bake it in a warmed oven until it becomes golden in colour. Cover the baked dish with a cloth in order to cool it down a bit.

Rožata – a dessert
A Dalmatian specialty
Ingredients for 6:
4 eggs
4 tablespoons sugar
1 l milk
1 shot of pear brandy

Pour caramel (8 spoons of sugar) into a pot in which you will prepare rožata. Whisk the ingredients, pour them into the pot and cook over steam for one hour. Cool down, gently turn over into a serving dish and serve.

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