Sport & recreation

Sport lovers and those who prefer an active vacation in Komiža can choose between bowling, basketball, volleyball, handball and football courts. From water sports, they may choose between scuba-diving, sailing and windsurfing. In Komiža, you can learn to scuba-dive at the Diving School or watch over Komiža from a bird’s perspective by paragliding.

The towns of Vis and Komiža feature attractive cultural events, restaurants and entertainment. Experience the authentic Mediterranean atmosphere through Komiško ljeto (Komiža Summer), a musical-theatrical event. At that time, the song of male klapas from Vis echoes from taverns and their voices mix with the sound of waves creating a unique acoustic ambience typical only of Vis.

Scuba diving

If you are adventurous and love scuba diving, Vis will definitely meet all your expectations. Magical underwater flora and fauna and many sunken ships will impress you like the most innovative adventure movie.

The most interesting shipwrecks along the Vis coast are the following:

Vassilios T is a Greek cargo ship, very attractive due to its size. It lies at a depth of 20 – 55 metres near Stupišće Cape not far from Komiža. The ship sank when it hit Stupišće Cape in a stormy night while transporting coal. It is easily accessible since it lies right along the shore.

Teti is a cargo steamship which sank in a storm after hitting the island of Mali Barjak. Its hull is quite damaged and it lies on its keel. Due to its upright position, overgrown deck, and typical helm at the stern, it is a frequent motif of underwater photographers.

Brioni was a passenger-cargo steamship which sank near the southwest coast of Vis. According to incomplete data, it is assumed that it hit the coast in stormy weather near the island of Ravnik. Due to greater depth at which it lies (50 – 60 metres), it is accessible only to divers trained to dive with gas mixtures.

Ursus is a tugboat sunk in January 1941 by the cannons of Rorqual minelayer, a British submarine. The tugboat was attacked while it was pulling GM 293, a floating artillery pontoon, from Zadar towards Italian harbour Brindisi and its final destination along the Albanian coast for the defence of Otranto. The British submarine damaged and set fire to the tugboat by cannons, the pontoon was cut off and the ship finally sank along an underwater wall to the sandy sea bottom.

B-17 is a wreck near the south coast of Vis which is one of the best documented wrecks on the Adriatic. This U.S. Air Force combat plane from World War II lies in excellent condition at a depth of 75 metres.

Fortunal is a newer fishing boat in excellent condition found at a spot which is usually perfectly visible. It is located near the north coast of Vis and is accessible to diving centres both from Vis and Komiža.

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